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ABA Therapy and other Therapies for Children with Autism

“We do that!  And we do that too!”. ABA is the jack of all trades for Autism therapy. There are many forms of therapy under the ABA umbrella, including Discreet Trial Training (DTT; the traditional method), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), […]

Help! My Child Is Not Talking.  Should I Be Worried?

I see many children as a Speech Therapist, and often the parents want to hear my advice.  Should they be worried?  Is there something wrong with their child? Maybe he is a late talker?  Or maybe there is something else that is impacting his ability to communicate and use language? I see the children I work […]

10 Strategies for Autism

1. Set the environment up for success 2. Be calm, attentive, and ready to help the child! Your attitude and beliefs with the child are important! 3. Move SLOW and add PAUSES Be curious Wait for attention Have calm and slow reactions Promotes: attention, patience, eye contact, reciprocity 4. Add one step into a known […]

All About The Attitude

I have been told, more often than not, that I am the child’s favorite therapist.  I am not going to lie that I love the compliment, but I am shocked at how often I hear this. Am I the most knowledgeable therapist?  Probably not, I am still ‘fresh’ as it as, with only 5 years […]