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Strive for Mindfulness over Perfection!

You may have a long list of expectations for your child! A few may include: Following instructions Sharing with others and taking turns Being Polite Parenting (or therapy for that matter!) is not programming a little person to always be perfect.  Instead, adults can teach children how to understand and enjoy expected social frameworks. 1. […]

My Child Only Says “More” and “Go”.

Core vocabulary is essential in your child’s language development.  They learn words such as ‘mine’, ‘go’, ‘more’, ‘no’, ‘mama’, and ‘gimme’.   However, your child quickly learns that with less than 10 words, they can get everything they need!  Why should they work to learn more vocabulary? Exactly! For kids who are delayed in their speech […]

10 Strategies for Autism

Set the environment up for success Space without distractions (TV, background noise, lots of visual clutter) LESS is MORE (Choose props such as balls, bubbles, bean bags, and parachutes instead of small toys to increase engagement) Be calm, attentive, and ready to help the child Our attitude and beliefs about the child are important! We […]

Teach Your Child To Talk Like You Taught Him To Walk!

How did you teach your child to walk?  You probably did a combination of: Encouraging him to pull up on the furniture and cruise Walking with him while holding his hand Standing a few feet away with your arms wide open, calling him towards you! Does this sound familiar?  What you really did was:  set […]