1. How are you different from other professionals in your approach to the treatment of Autism and other Speech and Language Disorders?

I strive to create goals for the child AND the entire family.  I view the family as equal partners on ‘Team Child” and we work together to create and successfully meet goals.  I use methodologies from a variety of Autism programs and focus on the building blocks of communication in a mindful progression.  My therapy rarely involves rote ‘drills’ and often involves continuous adaptation and growth for the child and family. My goal is for the child to achieve genuine independence driven by an intrinsic motivation to succeed.

2. Who and where are your clients?
I can work with clients in English or in Spanish. Since parent-coaching allows for a virtual platform, I can take clients who live in other settings.  I currently have two clients in Italy. I can only take Speech Therapy clients in my licensed states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and California), but I can see families for RDI worldwide. 

3. For what type of family/ individual is family-coaching going to work?

Coaching will work best for families who are good collaborators and motivated to learn the strategies for themselves. Families do best when they are able to reflect on their abilities, their progress, and their goals.  Instead of a teacher-student relationship, we will have a team-based relationship. 

Some families are too overwhelmed to make the space in their lives for the Autism coaching model at this point. Feel free to follow my blog and learn about strategies to try at home. I try to adapt my therapy to fit a variety of family types and their needs.  I am amazed at the progress when I am able to work with families as a team! 

4. What results can I expect?

  • Your child will grow in the ability to solve unique problems creatively and flexibly, with increasing levels of independence.
  • Your child’s meaningful communication skills will improve.   Communication initiated by your child will increase.
  • Your child will become more self-aware and able to control his or her own behavior.
  • Your child’s “theory of mind” (the ability to appreciate the thoughts and feelings of others) will improve.
  • Your child will have an increased sense of self and others, leading to greater self-confidence and improved relationships.
  • Your child will be more able to navigate his or her world independently by anticipating and planning for potential problems, and responding more appropriately when unexpected problems arise.

5.  May I connect with some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you? 

Of course! I have several families who have agreed to speak with potential clients. Send me an email telling me a little about yourself and your child so I can reach out to the family that would best be able to answer your questions.

6. How long is the program?

I always say that “I am here to work myself out of a job.” Services will be complete once you are confident in your own ability to guide your child toward his or her full potential.  

Most often, programs are 6 months – 2 years. 

7. My child does not have Autism; do you provide Speech Language Pathology services? 
Absolutely! I can see your child in person in Columbus OH (travel restrictions apply), and I can provide virtual therapy to clients living in OH, CA, MA, and PA. 

8. Ok, I’m ready to get started with Speech Therapy Services, but I have a few more questions. How do I arrange a time to speak with you directly?

Find me on the ‘CONTACT ME’ page to schedule an introductory call. I look forward to speaking with you soon!