RDI Packages 

RDI Introductory 3 month package 

Start your personalized training here! You will be taught the foundational reasons for your child’s delay and how to help your child improve. You will receive an initial Relationship Development Assessment that will help you identify the “edge of competence” in your relationship with your child.  Starting from this edge, we will meet– first weekly, then bi-weekly– giving you the guidance that you need to guide your child to develop “dynamic intelligence” and achieve new goals.  You will work to adapt your life-style to fit the needs of your child AND yourself.

At the end of this package, you will:

  • Have an RDA report detailing the ‘edge of competence’ in your guiding relationship with your child
  • Know where to start with your child and understand your child’s specific challenges
  • Understand the purpose of the Guiding Relationship and the importance of Dynamic Intelligence
  • Understand the difference between limit setting vs controlling, and understand how to manage your child’s behaviors (in the long term)
  • Understand the importance of having a home life and daily routine that supports you and your child and know the strategies necessary to achieve this lifestyle.

RDI Lifestyle 3-6 month package

For families who have the time and resources to continue to develop a mindful guiding relationship with your child, welcome to the next step!   You are ready to deepen your understanding as you learn to set activities and goals for your child, and you can move towards independence as your child’s guide. We will meet for weekly or bi-weekly continued support.

At the end of the package, you will be able to:

  • Know how to set Edge + 1 goals with your child
  • Know how to set up activities that will inspire mental growth, social skills, and communication
  • Understand the goals of RDI and find your child’s level; this will help you learn to independently choose new goals to help your child achieve
  • Know how to manage your child’s behavior and motivate your child’s intrinsic motivation to succeed
RDI Continuing 3-6 month package 
You’re ready to go the distance!  You’re excited about the possibilities RDI holds for you and your child, but you require further support.   The Relationship Development Assessment will be re-administered to assess progress and refocus our efforts towards growth.


Private Speech Therapy Services

While I have specialized in helping families with children on the Autism Spectrum, I am also able to provide mindful and engaging Speech Language Pathology services!!  Please see the FAQ for questions about whether or not you and your client may be a good fit.

You can sign up for a package or weekly services.  Please contact me to find out more information!